Is it Worthwhile To Style Your Car?

4 Auto Styling Trends that’s Unnecessary

Auto styling is essential in the world of automobiles since it is the only way to bring in something new. You can go for auto styling if you want your car to stand out among the other cars of the same model. With the latest trend in auto styling, a lot of people have gone ahead and used a large number of 4X4 Accessories to give their wheels a new look. While some have improved the look of their car, others have not.

Here are four auto styling trends that we think are unnecessary and you can do without:

1. Using Fake Fender Vents

Using bling on the fender is an old practice. Buick was the first one to introduce Ventiports in 1948, and while it was practical for a while, it has ceased to be so in recent times. Given the trend of fender vents, car owners have continued to use fake vents on their fender even though they don’t need ventilation. We feel that it is unnecessary and impractical for modern day 4X4 wheels to have fake vendor vents.

2. Using Oversized Grills

There was a time when some big cars needed grilles to cool down with adequate airflow. While the 1970 Ford Mustang needed it to cool down, the modern Ford Ranger wheels don’t need the same grilles. If you see, you will notice that cars nowadays have a small hole through which the air flows, the rest are all covered from the inside, and the large grill will not serve any purpose even if you install it. If you want to make your car look large and powerful, you can install the grilles and a set of Falken tyres Australia, but it actually doesn’t serve any purpose.

3. Using DRLs

DRLs or daytime running lights were a standard component of the car in the 90s. They were used to light up the front of the car. They were built with the prior knowledge that the driver will turn on the headlights once it gets too dark outside. However, when they are used in the dashboard of fancy cars nowadays, the driver often tends to forget to turn on the headlights since he can see the road in front of him carefully. This is dangerous and can become a cause of an accident since the beam of the DRLs is less powerful than the headlights.

4. Using Old Taillights

In the era of an incandescent bulb, the car manufacturers used the same taillight for the different functions. You used the single taillight to communicate function like braking and turning. Now with the presence of powerful LED lights, we feel that car manufacturers should get done with the practice of using the same taillight for all the functions. Now manufacturers can use different light components for different signals in say the 4X4 wheel and tyre packages. This improvement helps the car that’s tailgating you.

Keep in mind these unnecessary trends if you want to auto style your KMC wheels. Read up online and get expert advice on lift kits and many more things before going ahead with the plan.